Understand free hand cutting, embrace pattern drafting

Are you struggling to consistently sew well-fitting clothes?
Yesterday she loved what we made; but today, the fit is… off
You know sewing is not rocket science, but yet….

I know how you feel. I have been there before.
Where …because you want to achieve consistency, you spend so much time on a garment, in 
comparison to the returns on the job.

I knew it is not rocket science, but the information I had available was limited.
Then, I discovered pattern drafting. It first looked like what I was used to.
But I kept researching, and found out the fundamentals.

We have used the process over, and over again, achieving consistency in our result.

We have taught over 50 Students on what the process entails.

We have been able to revise our curriculum time and time again; enabling us grows a novice to an expert in a short time frame.

We have created a curriculum that works.
Arriving at this point wasn’t a fun one. It involved a lot of trial and error, lots of sleepless nights, and asking questions, and money wasted as part of the learning process, and from many failures.


Why do you need this?
You need any or all of our courses, if above is your story.

You will be taught, and your progress will be monitored from sewing straight lines, to cutting complex  well-fitting garments. 

With our understanding on the difficulty level of various garment project, we will lead you by the hand, through different stages; exposing you to increasing levels of difficult project without overwhelming you; building on previously understood concepts.

Learning will be a walk in the park, embracing both theoretical concepts and hands-on activities…In a timely manner.

It is actually not rocket science
we have mastered it, and also others whom have passed through our course.
You too, can!

 Sewing and Pattern Drafting Courses 

Starters Course: Skirt Variation                                           Trouser Course

Bodice Course                                                 Jackets and Collars Course

Would you love to join the class?

We would love to have you.

Chat with  our personnel to be informed of the next start date,

Hear what some of our students have to say about the course.

Ajose  Femi
The training was highly informative and effective, very conducive environment I must say. 

The best part of the training for me was creating new designs and the most striking thing I learnt was how to make calculations to create a block.

This training has greatly influenced me to start my own fashion brand and I can highly recommend OOTI anywhere. I believe it’s a building block to excel at anything Fashion!

As a starter, I was thinking that I won’t be able to learn sewing without prior experience at handling the sewing machine but am glad I now know how to handle the machine. 

Making the six piece skirt was the highlight of my training. I learnt a whole lot. And apart from fashion design, I learnt some soft skills from my teacher Ms. Osas. She’s easy-going and love to see people grow.

All the staffs of OOTI are lovely and accommodating. I’m glad I didn’t miss this training for anything.

Tunde Shoremekun
I enjoyed every part of the training. From the step by step training process, to the extensive handouts, to the patient and ever motivating tutors, to the supportive fellow trainees. It was an amazing experience. 

My love and passion for pattern drafting was harnessed in the training and much more than designs, I learnt that anything is possible to be made as long as you have a clear vision of what you want.

This training has given me the bedrock knowledge on pattern drafting and garment construction and helped me secure jobs in top fashion houses in Nigeria. I can recommend OOTI 100%.

Lawal Oluwaseun
My training at OOTI was fabulous. Great tutors. Conducive environment. Highly informative. 

The highlight of my training was the first gown I sewed and the most  fascinating thing I learnt was pattern drafting and sewing. 

This training has greatly benefited me because I can now cut and sew on my own. OOTI has my 5 star!

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Osas Olumese
Number 28, Airport road, Opposite Kabo Holdings, Kano State, Nigeria
WhatsApp:    08127008535
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Frequently asked Questions

Who the Course is for?
This Course is for individual who wants to learn a proven way to get consistent result when making female garments

Who the Course is not for?
The course is not for individuals yet to obtain their first school leaving certificate; as you would be unable to understand the course content.

For children on holiday, willing to learn how to sew, watch out for our Summer Course

I am new to sewing, which of the Courses should I start with?
You should start with our starter Course

I have experience sewing, where can I start from?
We would need to test your sewing ability. If you pass, you would first of all, go through our Foundation Course in pattern drafting before making a choice from our standard offering.

How the Course is Delivered?
The course is delivered in our class room space, in the city of Kano, Nigeria. There, you will have access to our resource persons

How much is the Course Fees?
Details of our course offering, duration, fees, and other information as regards your learning with us, are explained here.

Does the fees come with Sewing Kit?
No, you will need to get yourself your tools. The list can be found Here.
The payment of the fees comes with your course material

How soon can I start, after payment?
You can start as soon as the session is open.
Due to a limitation in our space, we have limited slot available, which is based on first come, first serve. Early payment guarantees you of a slot.

How often do slots open up?
This is dependent on our calendar, and availability of students. To view our calendar, send us a mail.

How can I make payment?
Payment can be done through a bank transfer.

Osas Olumese
Access (Diamond) Bank

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